Reports (PDF)

The Economic Contribution of Rimbunan Hijau’s Forestry Operations in Papua New Guinea  

The commercial harvesting and processing of PNG’s rich forest resources generates significant social and economic benefits for its people. This report highlights the significant complementarities between what a committed forestry company such as Rimbunan Hijau can provide local communities in terms of economic activity, employment, infrastructure and social services, on the one hand, and what those communities can reasonably expect from National and Provincial Governments, on the other.  

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The Economic Importance of the Forestry Industry to Papua New Guinea.  

Forestry’s contribution to the economy of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is significant. However, in the last two years Greenpeace has spearheaded a campaign against commercial forestry in PNG. They claim the industry devastates the environment, is illegal and practices human rights abuse. Most of the assertions are exaggerated or baseless.  This report examines the economic contribution of the forest industry to PNG. The report includes a case study of one region, which shows the extent and value of infrastructure and social services provided the forestry industry.  

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Whatever it takes – Greenpeace’s anti-forestry campaign in Papua New Guinea  

Since 2004, Greenpeace has spearheaded an aggressive campaign to stop commercial forestry in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It has conducted the campaign by proxy and focused its attack on Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group, the major player in Papua New Guinea’s forestry industry. Greenpeace has only two interests in PNG: first, to see it used as a model for its own view of how the world should look; and second, to secure a tactical victory to support its global campaign to stop commercial forestry.  

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Masalai i Tokaut and Rimbunan Hijau Watch: A political and deceptive campaign against Rimbunan Hijau  

Two anonymous websites have mounted a slander campaign against the forestry industry and, specifically, Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group, the largest forestry business in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Masalai i Tokaut is a web-based newsletter which circulates allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the forestry industry. Rimbunan Hijau Watch is a website whose sole purpose seems to be to undermine the credibility of Rimbunan Hijau. ITS Global was commissioned by Rimbunan Hijau to undertake an independent critique of these websites.   

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Background Papers (PDF)

The World Bank and Forestry in PNG

The sustainable potential of Papua New Guinea’s forestry endowment is not being maximized. The reasons need to be understood if they are to be addressed. This note provides background on the World Bank’s recent forestry relationship with Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Rimbunan Hijau – About the Company

Rimbunan Hijau was established as a timber contractor in Malaysia by Tiong Hiew King in 1975. Over the past 30 years, Rimbunan Hijau has become a multinational company spanning six continents.

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